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Security Front Doors: Things To Consider

Security front doors are a growing trend among families, homeowners and businesses who are serious about home security. The world is changing: as society opens with opportunities for growth and development, there’s an inevitable rise in risk and potential threat. This has led to a rising number of people exploring new and traditional methods of securing the things that matter most: family, wealth, information and identity. With the rise of new and unexpected threats, some families may wonder: are security doors still relevant in an age of identity fraud and cyber-security or are they just relics of the past?

Quality Security Doors – A Thing Of The Past?

The image of a secure steel door may conjure images of black and white bank robbery films from the 1920’s. The large, thick, heavily locked doors may at first seem out of place in a world where most vital banking material, that is, information, is held on servers rather than behind thick walls. While this new reality poses real, and somewhat unknown, security questions, the value of physical doors and locks should not be underrated. There are still risks in the physical world that cannot be safeguard against by virus protection and firewalls. Home security is nothing new, locks and bolts on doors and windows, alarm systems and motion sensors have played a part in keeping people and valuables safe for many years. However, those who wish to gain entry into homes and business evolve just as quickly and the technology to stop them does. For this reason, sometimes, old tried and tested methods are the best, and this is where high quality external security doors come in. Even for businesses that hold most of their information digitally, knowing that the physical points of access to computer terminals and hard drives is secure is essential. Front door security products, used in combination with other security protocols can ensure that this is the case. Stopping a potential thief at a physical point of entry is a lot more cost effective than the resulting overhaul of cyber-security, should a breach in security even be suspected.

What Are The Best Security Doors For Front Doors And Other Points Of Entry?

When considering physical building security both home and business owners need to consider all potential points of entry into their building. The most common considerations are the front and back doors and ground floor windows. Of all these, most consideration is often given to the front door. The reason for this is that it is the most obvious point of entry into a build, and the one that is seen by passers-by. While this is true, anyone potentially looking for a target, will also know this, and will there for look for other security weaknesses. In the case of both homes and businesses, this is generally the back door, or rear entrance. The same care needs to be given to securing this entrance as you give to the front. While a steel security front doors UK are classic option that can also be used at the rear of a building, there are benefits to be had from other materials such as fibreglass or wood. Fibreglass has the benefit of greater insulation value than wood. Where it is made of double or triple-panel insulated glass the resulting affect is much lower transfer of heat to the outside of the premises. While steel security front doors might not be seen as ideal for homes especially, they are made of a material that has consistently proved unbreakable and costs up to five times less than other materials. With an experienced company like Shield NW Ltd, you do not have to choose between appearance and security, as they offer the best security doors for front doors and rear door systems, crafted with style and security in mind.

Feel Confidence With Security Front Doors From Shield NW Ltd

With the necessity for secure, reliable and stylish security front doors affirmed again and again, we at Shield NW Ltd remain a valuable source of the protection you need for your home or business. Our diverse catalogue of security doors is always available on our site,, and our innovative materials, combined with on-the-ground security consultation, are just a phone call away. Whether you are seeking to restore your family’s sense of safety after a break-in, or hoping to invest in your digital company’s security, we are here to help you reach your goals while remaining inside your budget.