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Bullet Proof Doors: Are They Truly Necessary?

Bullet proof doors are a delicate subject within the security community. Some might believe that they are a symptom of hysteria or over-planning, but others say it increases people’s sense of personal safety, well-being and quality of life. If you have already gone through the process of securing your home or businesses with steel security doors, is there an additional need to seek bullet proof doors or windows? As with any aspect of personal and home security, it is important to know all the potential risks to enable you to make an informed choice.

The Rising Need For Bullet Proof Security Doors And Windows

The unfortunate truth is that we live in an age where personal and business security remains a top priority. While a conventional steel door is often enough to create a well-earned sense of security for a business, it can look out of place in a residential setting. The unintended consequence of this is actually making your home a more inviting target. There are ways of reducing this risk, including buying reinforced security doors that are specifically designed to blend in with their surroundings. One of the ways in which they achieve this is to incorporate features such as glass panes, which are often found on front doors. To stop the panes from becoming a weakness in the door, bullet proof glass can be used instead on normal double glazing, creating bullet proof security doors that do not draw any attention to themselves. For businesses operating anywhere, but particularly those on main streets there may be concerns over vulnerabilities that come from operating in such a public space. You want to be open to the public, but still keep your business, employees and stock safe. One of the benefits of bullet proof doors and windows is the ability to achieve just this. From a customer’s point of view there is little or no difference, but for your staff, the knowledge that you have this level of security in place means they can continue with their work without worry.

Different Types of Bullet Proof Windows For Home And Office?

Once you have decided that the best way forward for the protection of loved ones, valuables, or staff is bullet proof glass and doors, it is important to learn about the materials and construction of the items. This helps you make an informed choice as to the best piece for you, and the best company to supply them. Bullet proof glass for home windows, is also often known as ballistic glass, bullet resistant glass or transparent armour. Regardless of its name, the material is designed to be resistant to being penetrated by objects moving at speed, such as bullets. Often the ‘glass’ in the best high security doors and windows, is not glass but acrylic; a hard, transparent material understandably mistaken for glass and often used in its place because it is lighter and stronger. For bullet resistance, the acrylic must be at least one inch thick. Another popular material is polycarbonate. Like acrylic, it is a type of plastic and can be installed successfully as a window in bullet proof doors. It is lighter and often proves to be the more versatile substance. To provide bullet resistance, there needs to be two or more layers of the chosen material, usually one layer will be softer than the other, making the combined materials flexible and more resilient. While acrylic tends to repel bullets, polycarbonate takes the bullet and absorbs the blow. Glass-clad polycarbonate provides great protective, bullet proof windows for home and office while remaining flexible. Shield NW Ltd is a trusted provider of varying types of bullet proof glass, all made to tailor-fit each client’s property and their individual needs.

Find Peace Of Mind With Bullet Proof Doors From Shield NW Ltd

With many home and business owners looking to invest in their security by installing bullet proof doors and windows, we at Shield NW Ltd are proud to offer the very best materials and services on the market. Whether you are a concerned London store owner looking for comprehensive ways to secure your business, or are a family in Coventry, we offer solutions that are bespoke to you and your individual needs. Making sure you have the necessary security doors provides peace of mind and sense of stability that money can’t buy. View our website for details about our products and solutions: