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High Security Doors Residential: Why Are They So Popular Now?

High security doors residential home solutions have become a very hot topic for people up and down the country. We've seen the headlines and stories of how families can be targeted by intelligent thieves for robbery, as well as the threat of terrorism that seems to be an ongoing concern for the country. While the risk of being involved in such incidents is still very low the simple thought can lead to people feeling scared in their own homes. This corresponds to an increase in people investing in home security systems – from CCTV, and security doors, to high-quality safes, locks and even to panic rooms.

There's a link between public exposure to threats via the media and people wanting to keep their properties safe. For example, the highly elaborate jewellery robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris left the superstar not only reportedly having £9 million worth of jewellery being stolen but also psychological trauma. Seeing this play out in the public arena frightens people and of course, if you have a lot of money or financial assets, you are at a higher risk of being targeted. Businessman David Gold, who has a net worth of £350m, was once informed that he was on an armed robbery gang's hit list. He immediately invested in high security home doors and a panic room to ensure his and his fiancée's security.

Prevention is always the preferred course of action. Gold’s tycoon friend John Caudwell, worth nearly £2 billion, was not so lucky and was attacked in his home by intruders who escaped with approximately £1.2 million in jewels and cash. For those who are a higher risk because of their personal value, the risk is not worth it. Financing the addition of security measures – such as high security residential doors – can provide peace of mind as well as increased safety. The combination of a panic room and high security doors can keep even the most professional thieves at bay long enough to ensure you and your family remain safe until the police arrive.

It's important to invest in the best home security doors on the market and that is where we at Shield NW Ltd step in. We are the industry leaders when it comes to secure doors, security bulletproof windows, locks and panic rooms. With 80% of burglars using doors to commit their crimes, it's important to cover this possibility off. So, for more on our incredible fully-customised steel doors and windows for private and commercial properties, just visit, call us on 0151 345 1571, or email the team via