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High Security Doors: An Undervalued Resource

High security doors are a growing topic of conversation, and this comes as no surprise. We live in a constantly changing world, and while those changes open, for many, new and unexplored opportunities, they can also illuminate new security. While taking steps to ensure your digital security and privacy is now a common practice, for example selecting an accredited anti-virus software, it is surprising how few people take the steps to ensure their physical safety and protection, and that of their non-digital valuables. A classic, time-tested method for doing this, for both homes and businesses, is the installation of high security doors.

What Features Should High Security Doors Possess?

There are a great many parts that go into creating high security steel doors, and to be successful, all these parts must work together in concert. The locks are the proverbial heart of the door, and they must themselves be armoured. Ideally, they should be protected by at least two manganese plates that are drilling-resistant. There should never be a single locking system, and both the main lock, as well as additional lock’s bolts are best installed in steel boxes for protective purposes. The hinges are also commonly understood as a vulnerability, and so they need mechanisms of height adjustment, to stop the door from being lifted away from the frame on that side. The hinge side of the door should possess eight locking bolts 16mm in diameter, while the side of the door containing the locks would have six bolts with two additional ones at the top and bottom of the door. When it comes to high security doors residential construction, they generally benefit from having three separate layers: a steel sheet surrounded by two layers of inner and outer grating. Even if someone could damage the outer grating, there would still be protection provided by the inside grating and steel plate. A rigorous security product is not complete, however, without all the regular benefits you would expect from a door. These include the ability to keep the heat in; generally using a rock wool layer of 3cm, which is placed for thermal insulation and to protect against noise. Finishing boards can then also be selected, with a wide range of designs available to suit individual taste and blend in with the rest of the home.

How Are The Best Security Doors For Residential Homes Tested?

To truly provide a lasting sense of security and peace of mind, a security door should be tested to the highest standards before being offered as a solution to home and business owners. Testing centres, such as the IFT laboratory located in the German town of Rosenheim, conducts elaborate examinations of door security. They use the most common materials favoured by burglars, such as drills, cutting tools, hammers and crowbars – if they are unable to break into a door for over an hour’s continuous attempts, a door can be considered impenetrable. The best security doors and bullet proof doors can hold up under pressure from even the most concentrated attempts. Testing for high security doors follows a class system – the higher the number awarded, the more secure the door is considered. The best high security exterior doors should be awarded the fourth security class level, which implies that, at minimum, one lock mounted in the door has been awarded the seventh-class level. Of course, being meant to protect against more than mere burglary, all security doors must pass tests for sound protection and fire-resistance. Being able to withstand fire for at least forty-five minutes can prove essential in a moment of crisis. There is also the matter of testing for bullet resistance, with standards maintained by institutes such as the German Beschussamtes laboratory. Clients can rest assured knowing that doors made by Shield NW Ltd live up to and exceed all the standards listed above.

Feel Safe With High Security Doors From Shield NW Ltd

With a wealth of security industries on the market, a homeowner looking to find quality solutions for home safety might feel overwhelmed. Selecting security doors is not just any regular task – you are entrusting the safety of your family, identity and documents to a company, one that should be certified to the highest standards. With years of experience producing, testing and installing high security doors, you can feel safe knowing that our expertise here at Shield NW Ltd offers only the best solutions in a world where security is a growing concern. Visit our site to learn more about our certifications, testing processes and products today: