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Panic Room Manchester: Subtlety Is Key

Panic room Manchester wide is becoming a more commonplace request from homeowners and businesses alike. While the previous reference point for many people regarding the concept of a panic room was the eponymous 2002 movie starring Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart, today's panic rooms are more common than Hollywood fantasy would have you believe. Nowadays, many people want such a room in their house to quickly hide valued possessions and, more importantly, to hide themselves and their families from harm. But how do you have such a room created in your house without anyone noticing?

The incredible thing about panic rooms is that they can be as obvious or as subtle as you would like them to be. You can even have them built into or behind household features such as bookcases. While we associate such concepts with fictional depictions of 16th century Gothic-themed ghost mysteries, these types of doors and 'emergency exit' rooms were built into traditional Arabic houses for many years. It's not a new concept. But given the way modern property is developed, it's hardly likely that you're going to see many housing developers offering underground escapes. So, a panic room Preston way can offer the best form of 'escape' from an immediate threat to you, your family and your property.

The reason, however, that we push the importance of subtlety when it comes to the likes of a Manchester panic room is that it provides an advantage over any would-be burglars. While an amateur burglar can be easily deterred by security doors of a good quality, teams of professional burglars who carefully watch and select their targets try to gain 'intel' in order to be successful in their endeavours. Them not knowing that there is a panic room in the property gives you the advantage, reducing their chances of success.

Modern security front doors UK wide from industry leaders also play a huge part in catching burglars out due to the way that they can be customised to look like regular doors. This is exactly what we provide at Shield NW Ltd. Our team has worked hard to create the best security products for residential and commercial properties in the UK today. Whether you need a subtle security door for an office or a residential panic room Blackpool wide, we can help. For more information, please check out, call us on 0151 345 1571, or email today.