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High Security Steel Doors: Why Buy Them?

High security steel doors have grown in popularity over recent years as many businesses look to protect their assets and properties. Depending on the type of business you do, any corners cut in security can end up proving extremely costly. From leaked sensitive information and data, to theft of materials, poor security leads to problems and repercussions that go far beyond a theft. So, prevention is extremely important and security doors are an essential part of that – particularly for companies harbouring sensitive information or in industrial settings. But what makes them so essential?

Firstly, high security doors are often placed in areas where there is access between a building and its exterior. Your focus should be on making this access points as secure as possible. After all, this is the first place that thieves will try to check for any insecurities. When any potential thief works out that your security door is the real deal, they will likely be deterred from breaking into your property in favour of a more vulnerable target. Another thing that makes high security entrance doors preferable is because they are made of steel – this makes them very easy to maintain compared to a regular door.

Not only that, but the modern security door can also be custom-designed to suit the colours and style of a building or a business' brand. So, while in the past you had to compromise looks for security, now you can have high security entry doors that look just like regular doors. These are exactly the types of doors we produce at Shield NW Ltd – the industry leaders in the manufacture, sale and installation of security products. To find out more, visit us online at To talk to our friendly sales team, just call 0151 345 1571 or email and we'll work with you to find the perfect solution for your property or properties.