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Best Security Doors For Front Doors: Can They Be Subtle?

Best security doors for front doors are often what people search for when they want to protect their families and homes. However, a lot of people are worried about the visual effect that such doors can have. Sure, they may deter a burglar, but they also may make your door uninviting or unappealing – especially if you want to, one day, sell your home. So, can you gain the certainty and safety provided by security doors, whilst also keeping the subtlety and low-key nature of regular doors?

This is, most certainly, a very valid question. There is no doubt that the security door has its place in modern society. Whilst we are very blessed in the UK to have many beautiful towns, villages and cities that house us, crime rates continue to be a problem. While that problem has been reduced, it is still an issue and certainly feeds why many people want to purchase steel security front doors for their homes. However, many believe that these front door steel security doors will just draw more attention to their property from would-be burglars: 'Why are they going to such efforts? They must have a lot to hide!' Additionally, as we said before, nobody wants the front of their house to look like a prison.

But not everyone has the space for beautiful, but secure, gates at the end of their driveways; some don't even have driveways. So how do you retain a nice-looking house without compromising on security? Thankfully, you don't have to do that. There is a steel security front door choice that is available for you as a home owner that is subtle, yet completely secure. Modern day technology means that even the toughest and most durable security door can be covered in the warmest of wood tones to appear welcoming and accommodating. Nobody needs to know that your front door is a security door. So where can you find such doors for residential properties?

At Shield NW Ltd, we are the industry leader when it comes to the manufacturing, selling and installation of security door products for both residential and commercial properties. Our custom-made doors can appear as tough and as durable, or as subtle and as homely, as you would like – including fire resistant and bulletproof glass front door security systems. Get in touch with our helpful sales team today by either calling 0151 345 1571 or by emailing To find out more about Shield NW Ltd and what makes our security products so special, visit