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Bullet Proof Doors And Windows: Why Venue Operators Use Them

Bullet proof doors and windows are a common feature in many business properties up and down the country. They can be found within several industries, organisations and public bodies that would obviously benefit from such products – including companies that require a lot of secrecy or work in highly sensitive areas. But, surprisingly, a number of other companies, organisations and even individuals running venues have turned to bullet proof doors. But why venues? What benefits can be gained from having bulletproof glass installed?

Unfortunately, whilst shootings in the United Kingdom are rare due to our laws on the use and ownership of firearms, they can still happen. In the UK in particular, we recall the Hungerford massacre in 1987, the Cumbria shootings in 2010 and – perhaps most chillingly – the Dunblane school massacre in 1996. Since venues are places were people gather, it makes them susceptible to attacks – politically-motivated or otherwise. For example, if such a situation happens in a venue or commercial setting which you operate, and an emergency exit is blocked, you can direct people to secure rooms with bulletproof glass in order to keep them safe from gunfire. This is also, of course, the appeal of bullet proof doors and windows for houses.

But with public venues containing thousands of people, there is the added responsibility of looking after their welfare and safety. Employing security measures – such as the likes of security doors – is important in order to achieve that. Even just one life being saved by bulletproof glass is worth it and it makes it a more attractive venue for prominent people to attend as performers. At Shield NW Ltd, we provide bullet proof windows for home cost effectively, as well as bulletproof products for business properties and venues. For more, visit us at, call us at 0151 345 1571 or email