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Bullet Proof Security Doors For Schools

Bullet proof security doors and windows are a contentious topic for many schools up and down the UK today. While the increased safety provided by such resistant fixtures are a very good, there are other issues that can affect such a decision. For example, the process of installing bulletproof fixtures can potentially scare students, and parents of students. So, is it really worth it to have bullet proof doors installed? Or is the combination of more general security fixtures and security products enough to ensure that your school or council is taking the safety of its students seriously?

It's a difficult question to answer. You can't put a price on any human life – let alone a child's life. From a purely forward thinking safety perspective every school should have bullet proof steel doors installed. We may not have anywhere near the gun culture of the United States, we are home to one of the most shocking school shootings that the western world has ever seen – Dunblane. The fact that it happened once causes people to postulate that it could happen again. This is a possibility, however unlikely, which head teachers and school boards must wrestle with unfortunately.

But if price is an issue, it is worth just thinking about re-enforcing the entryways of a school? Many gunmen have, after all, gained direct access through the front doors of schools, including at Sandy Hook, where the gunman broke the front door glass to unlock the school entrance door. With bullet proof glass in place, this would not have happened and a catastrophe could have possibly been avoided. So, clearly the entrance ways to a school are where such security door and bullet resistant glass fixtures are going to be at their most useful. This makes the bullet proof doors price point far more affordable.

But affordability shouldn't get in the way of quality. So where can you find bullet proof doors for sale that are well priced? One such company offering this arrangement is Shield NW Ltd. We are the industry leaders in providing security doors, bullet and damage resistant windows, and panic rooms across the UK. We work with various clients who own or operate commercial, public sector and residential properties – providing them with the highest quality custom-designed steel security fixtures to suit their needs. For more, please visit us online at, give us a call on 0151 345 1571, or email us via